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after the august realization did you then perform the "lonely sin?"

The Incredible Headshrinking Man

Judy, Judy, Judy--and I'm not saying that like Cary Grant--it seems to me that you and members of the medical profession just don't seem to get out or you'll get a shrink like one out of a Brian De Palma movie, like Michael Caine in Dressed to Kill or the doc in Sisters, or John Lithgow in Raising Cain...Remember, headshrinkers are just psychos who *think* they know better!

On the other hand, any excuse to get meds, right? See if you can score me some Secanol--or Dilaudid! Oh yeeeeeeeeahhhh...


I'm actually thinking that if I perform the Lonely Sin often enough, I might not need meds.


here here, fabulous dategirl!

my shrink lady has also gone bye-bye for the month, though she said she'd "be around" and wanted to see me last week at our normal time, promising to call me to confirm. not a word. oh, the heartache! the betrayal! the blessed lunch hour when i didn't have to taaaaalk aaaaah....


there is every likelihood that in-network mental health service providers will not return your calls even in the chillier months. what you will need to do is let them know that you will call the new york state insurance dept. my primary care provider hipped me to this.

if you prefer a less agressive stance, st. vincent's -- w. 12 b/t 6&7 -- has excellent walk in care. i particularly like the attending, dr. henry chen, although, he like too many other psychopharmacologists may extend treatment for too long (but he's much better about over-medication and overly lengthy medication than many i have met).


Judith Rossner wrote a book called August, about how all the shrinks leave New York for a month and everyone goes crazy. NOT A COMEDY. Although you could see how she could have gone that way.


case in point: for the third saturday in a row, i got something from my insurance provider in the mail that boils down to their keeping money from me that is rightfully mine. any other month of the year, i'd shriek and deal with it monday. august? hysterical sobs for an hour. august. not a comedy!

writing from an undisclosed location

i recommend 20 minutes of cardio 4 times a week
and some quality "me time" with the lonely sin
every other day.


Rent a car, drive to Vermont, find an apartment, rent it, move there. You won't need Prozac, but you will need allergy pills.
Either that or list the ten favorite reasons you live in "The City" and then go visit or do those reasons. Everyone always claims that the "shows" and the "culture" and the "art" are why they live in NYC. I lived in Berlin and it was day-to-day traffic, crowds and a-holes and the art and culture never came close to counterbalancing the rent, the beggars, the crime, and the dirt. Who needs it?


ah yes those irritating beggars. i agree w/ osisbs blowing up a few vermont b&b's would cheer me right the fuck up.


I'm with you la depressionada. But because explosives are such a bitch to transport these days, my GP gave me some Lexapro to take the edge off. So far I'm nauseous and dizzy. Depression is seeming somewhat appealing at this point.


"Beggars" is a term that works in socialist countries for people who could actually find work if they wanted to, but get paid unemployment nonetheless. It's probably not politically correct to call homeless people in the states who have had their unemployment and welfare cut off and given to Halliburton this term. Sorry for the confusion. The people I was referring to are students with ample incomes, free education, mowhawk hair, posts in their lips, and huge dogs (which they do not clean up after) hounding you every step of the way. Hence the Dickensian word "Beggar".


Can't wait to see you all pilled up like Judy Garland!!


o i see, it's a communication problem. on our continent we call those people bloggers.

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