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I've lived in the Midwest off and on for my entire 45 years (don't ask why). When it used to get up to 105F it would be due to a huge high-pressure system stalled out. Yesterday was 105F with 30 mph gusts which is something I've never seen before. If this system comes to NYC and you have a's going to be just like the movie "Trigger Effect". Have cash on hand and lots of non-perishables (beer).

nauseated ned

we just got our first break from the Twilight Zone-esque heat wave that left us all brain-dead and crabby. And I'm on the rebound from a hideous bout of stomach virus - you know the kind when you have to grab the trash can when you're on the toilet?
Yeah - well, this happened to me when 8 people were eating dinner at my house - within 10 feet of my bathroom. My only bathroom.
So you can imagine my delight when I clicked on the "disgusting link" today. That might be the absolute grossest picture I've ever seen.
Someone get me a coke with lots of ice.


I warned you not to click on it! I wasn't even ill and I just about hurled!


Hey Judy -
Have you ever shared your proctologist days with your readers? If not, now would be a good time.

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