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i love it! personally, i stick with the tried-and-true method of projecting a field of piercing white light around my person. learned that handy trick in fifth grade or so from a handy library book. satan and his minions *can't abide the white light.*

if i'm not bugged out about satan, chances are i'm paranoid about mosquitoes. the imaginary white light doesn't faze those bastards a bit, so sometimes i wrap a blankie 'round my head, tight as can be, leaving only the tiniest airhole.


how am i the only one who went nuts over the satan-repelling PJs?!


because the rest of us have excepted the Lord as our personal saviour.

In Christ,


[smacks self upon forehead]

of COURSE. i forget that not everyone's life is an episode of "When Satan Attacks!"


i have an aunt with a hunch back and brown teeth. her eyes go in different directions when she's talking to you and she lives in Vegas. i think she might be Satan.


be careful—it may not be safe to let on that you know via the InterWeb.


oh that's right -

I'm on Satan's shit list.
I can't wait til he's out of the white house.
I bet I have an FBI file too.


oh, in that case, you're cool. talk shit about satan all you want on the InterWeb. because when satan is inhabiting that particular body, he's illiterate.


At least we know and understand Satan's motivation and tactics. Which is more than I can say for the Democrats. We are in big trouble, folks.

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