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OMG hilarious yet informative. Now I'm thinking about the worms in my stomach. I LOVED diet pills.


A few weeks ago, I was hunting around for something to watch and ended up on some science channel. The episode was about a middle aged Canadian couple on their annual fishing trip. I'll spare you the boring details and skip to the end.
The last 10 minutes featured the guy on the toilet pulling a tapework out of his butt (the result of eating under cooked fish). The grand finale was the wife coming to the rescue with a pair of scissors to cut the worm - I guess because those stubborn suction cups refused to detach from his intestine!
I love how you pick out the most disgusting articles from the paper Judy. That was the first thing I read this morning when I picked up the paper. Maybe I'll send you a picture of my plantar's wart.

A hunka-hunka worming love

While in Tokyo, we found the fantastic Meguro Parasitological Museum--there they had an EIGHT METER long worm (in lucite, no less) that had been removed from the guts of some poor guy who ate undercooked trout. (My favorite exhibit, though, was the severed head of the sea turtle whose eyes were being devoured by some gnarly parasites: total ick!)

The world is full of nasty things and critters that want to eat us (either from inside or out) or drink our blood: spiders, mosquitos, ants, wasps, centipedes, worms...That's why we should PAVE OVER EVERYTHING and CHLORINATE THE OCEAN!

BTW, for some reason, many parents or expectant parents hate it when you refer to the baby growing inside the mom as a parasite or a worm. I've done this and not been invited back to some events. (Which is not necessarily a bad thing, you understand...)


i love calling pregnant women "hosts"

Who ya gonna call? Hostbusters!

"Hosts"--I love it!

ryan ulyate

there are those parasites that can travel up your urine stream and plant themselves inside your wanker. i know it's fairly common on the Amazon.

If Dategirl doesn't post soon, I'm gonna keep going on about parasites

When I was 14, my mom thought I had gotten a parasite in my brain. But luckily it was just depression caused by puberty and my stepdad's alcoholism.


Apparently my public school was subpar -- I learned about tapeworm from the Meatmen.


i got crabs once from Judy.

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