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Teeth & Sympathy

Judy, you rule!


[falls off chair]

[hits head]

[continues laughing hysterically anyway]

I used to have the buckest teeth in town

I used to think I clocked more hours in the dentist chair than anyone I knew. Until Judy told her story.

But what concerns me more is -


What were her parents thinking?


I think her name is Sharonda but the NYU dental school got ahold of her. Nerve damage.


aaaaaaah judy, you've got to stop with the hilarity—'t.breaaaaaaathe!


Or maybe she's Japanese.
Which brings me to my favorite Keiko story.
I have a friend from Tokyo named Keiko.
Her English is not the greatest.

On the day after the election debacle with Al Gore and George F. Bush, she said to me "OMG, can you believe the erection yesterday?"

She didn't pick up on the absurd cliche humor at all but I did.


and apparently kate should not be reading tiny print sans corrective lenses. clearly the source of the latest hilarity was judy's pal jules. with all the laughing, it's hard to breathe *and* read.

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