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the cowlneck was so L train two years ago, judes.


actually, the cowlneck was williamsburg circa 1996. two years ago was its comeback.

and i would have struggled not to tap that girl on the shoulder— i.e., cause her to careen headlong down the stairs. a well-timed sneeze can sometimes have the desired effect, too. just depends on how spindly the legs, how high the heels, how underfed the wastrel in question.

Judy's Fashion Backwards

I have always hated the cowlneck. A universally unflattering garment. Pair it with gauchos and you've got a one-way ticket to Ugh City.

Oh, the legs were spindly, the heels were high and the wastrel was way underfed. But something about her didn't annoy me. She looked like a little girl playing dress up. She was so uncomfortable with every single aspect of her outfit. Including her hair, which she kept obsessively rearranging. I had to force myself to get on a different car so I wouldn't keep staring at her. I felt a little creepy!

If you're not horny--or ready to kill, then it's not stalking

Judy, if you happened upon the rare albino Tanzanian kikisuji bug, would you have stopped staring? No. So why stop with Young Ms. Fashion Victim? They're both freaks of nature that shouldn't be alive, so enjoy the view while you can. Remember, endangered species are here for our amusement!


god - you reminded me of a really shitty day I had once. I was on my way to a meeting for work and one of my shoes lost a heel. So instead of the nice click-clack you get with heels, all you could hear when I walked down the hall was click-thud, click-thud. The meeting sucked too. Bunch of assholes who wasted my time and made me wish I had never gotten out of bed that day. Instead of feeling like the cat's pajamas, I went home wanting to drink. Fuck, man.


Not that I am into them, but cowls are, in fact, "back" this season -- along with all of the figure flattering lovlies like trapeze tops, gauchos, hot pants (worn over tights), stirrup pants, and super skinny jeans. If it makes your butt look as big as possible, it's in.


Oh, they have been trying to push that gaucho crap back on us for at least two seasons now. And I saw Tori Spelling in a satin jumpsuit, so that can't be far behind, either.

But.....would it be wrong of me to be furtively glad for the return of the legging? Not stirrups, mind you - but a tight black legging with a healthy bit of lycra? If I only wore it to the store?


They're selling jumpsuits at H&M. God knows why I haven't seen any on the streets yet. I am also kind of a fan of the legging, so you wear it anywhere you want, sister!


Some magazine had rather extensive coverage of another emerging trend - short skirts and shorts with the always-flattering ankle boot. Pam Anderson was wearing a pair of denimn ankle boots (shall we call them booties?) with a high, tottering heel.

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