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what kind of foul punishment is this?! ridiculous! you have been through hell with your teeth, and you are now the dental-care queen, and NOW you have to have root canals? [shaking fist at the heavens]


I was having sensitive teeth and the dentist said I was brushing too long and too hard (I use a soft brush). Now I brush for 30-60 seconds total and floss. If you brush too long or use a medium brush you wear away the gum line and expose nerves to hot/cold liquid.
Have you had fluoride treatments?

Judy's Teeth Hurt!

I'm brushing correctly. Believe me, I've gone over everything with licensed professionals. He says that some people just have crappy teeth and gums. I'm just one of them.

Thank you for shaking fist at heavens!


WTF is right.

for fuck's sake, Judy!

i'm one of those people that flosses the night before my cleaning and then i slowly fall off the wagon as time goes on. even after flossing lectures.
but you'll be happy to know that all my molar fillings are cracking and have to be replaced with crowns.
they told me my childhood dentist was drill-happy.
so i have a filling in almost every single tooth.
i'm guessing dental insurance is not an option for you? everyone tells me it's not worth the monthly payments because it doesn't really cover enough.
but think how ahead of the game you are:
we'll all be like toothless grinning peasants in our golden years and you'll have a big white smile. we'll be gumming our liquid lunches and you'll be chewing the fat with all the other nursing home residents.

Of course, if you don't believe in reincarnation, I'm just talking crazy talk

Okay, Judy, it's time for you to spill it: just WHO were you in a past life? I mean, you really must have been quite the expert at genocide or something way back when to get this sort of nastiness handed to you regularly.
I mention this to say that maybe you should persue alternative dental practices--like voodoo or shamanism or sacrificing a goat to Cthulhu.
Or else it's a vast dental conspiracy against the Dategirl.


I'm with Ivan on this one. It's time to pitch a virgin into the volcano or arrange some pennies on a grave at midnight. Plus, it sounds like more fun than 2 root canals.

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