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with a shit eating grin

wow -

so much to comment on today.
did you ever explain the aftermath of the boyfriend crapper? did he clean himself up or did you have to? did you flee to a hotel?

after having a diabetic cat for 11 years and now a 9 year old dog with only 3 legs that work AND a child that lets her bowels rip at least 10 times a day, I am well versed in all things-poop. But you are clearly the queen of poop stories. Regale please.

Teeth & Sympathy

You know what's worse than pooping in a Port-a-Potty? Trying to snort lines of heroin in a Port-a-Potty at the Madison, Wis., Fourth of July Fair while the passel of pre-pubescent future slaughterhouse workers that have been mocking your punk rock T-shirt stand outside and poorly mimic your snorting sounds. Thankfully, once you're done, physical and mental escape are achieved (although not remembered).

Not that this has ever been experienced by me--oh Heavens forbid! But it sounds like a drag...


i love that you tooted after you fell trying to cover up Albert. Serves you right

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