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sad news, bad news

Judes! Love your Mo'! And Jules! Love your...uh...mop?

The black lump of coal in my chest has worked overtime to have some compassion for this poor girl Jennifer Moore, despite the litany of just plain awful decisions she seems to have made on her last day.

Reading all the reports, it's like she kept asking herself, "What shouldn't I do now, so I can go ahead and do that." I keep trying to put an "artsy" spin on it (Jennifer was on an existential death trip like Louise Brooks in Pandora's Box), but that's not it either, is it? Just bad decisions all around...leading to a horrible, horrible end...Sad stuff.


Yes, but being a teenager is all about making incredibly stupid decisions, and then at some point we hopefully learn from our stupidity and become adults. I find it VERY hard to believe you don't have some unwise decisions in your past, young man.


OMG. You took me back to 1984/5 when I started B&Tng with my gf's. I was born and raised in Elizabeth and moved to NYC 19 years ago. I have had goosebumps since her body turned up.


It's horrifying thinking back to all the things that could have gone wrong - but miraculously didn't.

As for my "mop," indeed _ I was actually trying to look semi-normal by that time. Clearly, another success story.


A sandwich is a sandwich, but a Manwich is a MEAL.

I'm just sayin'...


this broke my heart and turned my stomach. i think a lot about, as jules says, the things that could have gone wrong but didn't in my own teen years.

i also think about what horrible luck this was—had the car not been towed, it may not have happened. now, they were sloshed, so maybe they would have gotten into a horrible accident. but again, it's the precariousness of late-night teen adventures. young and drunk and in a short skirt alone in the city at night... your friend has gone to the hospital and you make the dumb choice to walk along the west side highway instead of calling mom and dad. yeah, this city is "safe" in comparison with even 10 years ago, much less 20, but a young drunken girl is still incredibly vulnerable late at night in the city.

i just wish she could have reasoned that the wrath of mom/dad was worth preserving her safety.


judy - i love that picture.
i'm going to be british and pretend that there was nothing shocking or upsetting in that post and simply comment on the photo.
i've witnessed both Judy's and Julie's doos many a time - but never together - and they were always superb. I can smell the Aqua Net right now.
Which reminds me - If my memory is still functioning - I seem to remember you sporting overalls in high school - and I think they were DENIM! They could have been brown corduroy, but i think they were DENIM!

It's really weird that you bring up Manwiches because I was thinking about them the other night as I sat naked in my 100 degree living room waiting to pass out from the heat and humidity.
But I was thinking about the kind that comes in a can - and I wish I could remember why. It had something to do with my level of hunger. Oh well.


i also wanted to tell you how great it is to know that there are other people out there in the world who did coke when they were 16 aside from me (mind you, this was 1980 - all you youngsters reading this)
my first "snow" experience was in the safety of a bathroom at my mother's wedding reception.
i must have known that it would quickly become the drug of choice in fraternity houses (and for George W. Bush) across the nation because i never touched it again.


I believe I did have a pair of denim overalls in the 9th or 10th grade, during my brief maybe-they'll-like-me-if-I'm-a-hippy phase. I also still own a pair of denim cutoffs. I am not proud of that.


I forgot about that phase.
Judy had this really groovy transistor radio - (or maybe it was a walkman) - and she would walk around the halls holding it to her ear smiling, looking up at the ceiling singing softly - "if you're going to San Francisco be sure to wear flowers in your hair"

It wasn't until she brought in a stack of Peter Paul + Mary records that I finally convinced her to trade it all in for the Sex Pistols and early Clash. She kept trying to push LSD and "shrooms" on me and it got pretty scary. I told her there was a better way to get the kids to like her. Next thing you know, she's the only "true" punk to grace the halls of our school. And that was when it was all fresh - the late 70's were still distant shadows in our rear view mirrors. But she resisted. She tossed her Grateful Dead collection into a burning bonfire Dixie Chicks-style, sold her VW Micro Bus and never looked back.


You can go your entire life making nothing but good decisions and "boom" one bad one can screw you perm. Ask any pro athlete on a motorcycle or wide-eyed Army recruit doing the midnight patrol in Kirkuk or fat guy whose body is fished out of his Civic after being "almost sure" he could drive across that flooded road. Hell, you could even ask Mel Gibson (other post)!!!!

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