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I think the character did come off as really annoying, although she wasn't supposed to. She spends the whole movie learning why and how her boss is succesful, and then chucks it at the end to run back into her boyfriend's arms and work at a "real" paper. Whatever.


anne hathaway's portrayal was truly vapid and annoying and not on purpose. one other thing that annoyed me was that her friend was all excited to enjoy the pricey purse she got her and then turned on her at the end. damn. it was a film of bad messages and the fashion was not even that good. i wish we could have read those clips about the janitor's strike or whatever that was...


yes the author was a poor employee. i would have fired her. one thing i did like about the movie is that, probably the work of some knowing costume designer or art director, it slipped in that little diatribe about the cerulean blue sweater -- sort of excellent deconstruction, so derrida, but who's chicer: NOBODY! -- in an otherwise formulaic, derivative and ultimately uber-american fable.


You realize that Anne Hathaway grew up in Short Hills, and won some young actors award for her high school performance of something cheesy (can't remember) at the Papermill Playhouse in Millburn. But go ahead and trash your homegirl if you must.


Val, recall if you will, I'm from the other side of the tracks—the mean streets of Millburn! And you know as well as I do that she would've been mean to us if we were in school with her.

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