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When I first came to LA, Vincent Price died.
Then River Phoenix a few days later. Then the scary Malibu fires. Then the Northridge earthquake.
And then Kurt Cobain.

I thought I had moved to hell on earth. People were dying left and right - in threes - , there was ash all over my car in the morning, buildings were collapsing.
But I'm still here. What happened to me?
And what's the point of all this? There is none. Because I've gotten soft. My brain has turned to mush. All my NY friends said this would happen to me if I stayed in Southern California too long.
And now it has.

Morbid Ivan

Woody Allen!
His was the first name to come into my head to complete the death troika (trifecta?). Just wishin', ya know?

I didn't like Red Buttons-ever! He should have died in the Poseiden Adventure, not sexy Stella Stevens!

And what can I say about Syd that others haven't said and contradicted? Well, I could say "ojdshf;iasjbgfalkjbf"--but someone would contradict me!

BTW, the "bad advice" monkey on my back was very happy about seeing two (!) posts this morning...


For continuing to employ Scarlett Johannsen, Woody Allen should be next. Never mind the fact that he married his stepdaughter and hasn't made a decent movie in decades. Yuck. But, alas, I think it's poor Barbaro, the unlucky pony.

Chefs are more important than ponies Ivan

I hope the third leg of the death tripod isn't Anthony Bourdain!

I read how Bourdain is trapped in...where's Armageddon happening again? Oh yeah, that sandy place...Bourdain (2nd in the Dategirl crush list I believe--after R.Belzer, right?) is trapped over know, in the place where the two religions fight like cobra and mongoose...It'll make great TV...until an uninvited rocket propelled grenade ruins the party...

kaczinski verducci

How many people aside from me are confident enough in their rock and roll taste to admit they never really liked Pink Floyd? At all. I tried. They just never did it for me. They were good for selling stereo equipment in audiophile stores, I'll give them that.

Judy Hates Classic Rock

I have always hated Pink Floyd. I did think the old photos of Syd Barrett showed him to be a very attractive man though. Oh, and go figure--he's mentally ill.

As for my dear Tony Bourdain! I know!!!!! I'm sure he'll be fine. Though I do fret! (Did you like how I got all casual with him?)

Chuck Klosterman was on the L train yesterday

In my high school, if you were of a certain clique, you absorbed the Floyd (and the Zep, the Sab, the Coop, the Nuge, BOC, ELO and Kansas) through osmosis--much like a contact high!

But in Dead Syd's defense, I still like Piper at the Gates of Dawn--it's good retarded 1960s psychedelica that's fun to listen to every once in a while. (Unlike, the intellectual stunted and self-important primal scream therapy of Pink Floyd's best sellers--but I gotta say, they really had a formula: sounds for the stoned quadrophonic audiophiles and cheap, simplistic self-indulgent themes ("mommy hates me!") wrapped in elaborate packages so folks can't recognize how obviously shallow they are...)

And now I get off my soapbox and return to the job I get paid for not doing...


the third "person" already died. It was "eddie" from frasier. (the dog)


Eddie aka Moose used to live above me. His owner/trainer was married to my old crazy Dutch landlord - and I rented an apartment on the first floor of their house. It was my first brush with fame after moving to LA. Not long after that I discovered the woman who rented the other apartment next door to me was a whore. That's right, a Ho. I was living next to a Ho and she used to "entertain" Eddie's trainer's husband. Eventually she fell on hard times and moved to Alaska to "dance 70's" for men up there. It was the first of many sordid tales I encountered during my time in the sleepy neighborhood of Ocean Park.


I don't think Reversal of Fortune was meant to be "funny". To me is was a look inside how homelessness may be a behavior disorder/challenge. Perhaps, it's not thier fault they are that way, e.g., unmotivated - maybe they just mentally can not handle life planning, they are more of in the moment kind of people? I don't know, just a thought.

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