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Ah, I hearken back to the days of Tom Jode and the miracle of the free marketplace. Those were the good ol' days, indeedy. And that freakin' socialist a-hole Steinbeck had to go an paint homelessness, poverty, and dispair in such a negative light. He probably lived in some rent-controlled dump in Salinas, anyway.


hmmm, french fries. and i just came over for last glass of wine after you nearly finished off your bottle.
i didn't know you and nick loathed denim, judes.


Just to clarify--I had help finishing that bottle before you got there! It wasn't just me! Eek!

How often have you seen me in jeans? Answer: never. Okay, I used to have some black denim jeans, but I hated them.


i remember when you walked by me in those painted on jeans, but i guess they were black. what happened to those?
and do you hate denim on everyone?


Yep, they were black. And they were so tight, they burst offa me one day! I just don't like to wear denim. I have no problem with people who do; I just prefer to be one who doesn't. Me and Nick Cave!

First I'll do this, denim doing that

I'd say that when wearing long pants, 85% of the time its black denim jeans (Wranglers, thank you very much). Inexpensive and comfy and from a distance, they look like suit pants. Many the times I've attended some chemical industry hoobie-doobie, surrounding by boo-coo expensive suits, and I think, "Ha ha! I'm wearing *jeans*!" [Yeah, it's the small victories that keep me alive.] In fact, if you look carefully, Mr. Pink is wearing black denim instead of suit pants in Au Revoir Les Dogs...I'm just saying that's all...

Judy, Sexy Big Greek Hunk 'o' Love, and Girlbomb, kick ass tonight at the Lead Pipe Free For All (*great* title!)!!! Break some legs!

And by the way...

Nick Cave rules.
(I ate calimari with him and Blixa Bargeld once! Back in the day...)


what kind of wine were you drinking?

and just what stage of Nick Cave do you worship?

the early days or possibly the later-still-often excellent work like No More Shall We Part?

Good luck tonight. Make sure Spyro is taken care of.
He really should have body guards, you know.


hope the reading went well, you hot thing!

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