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The Muser

Dategirl, please say it isn't so! If the new folks at Seattle Weekly get rid of you, there will be one seriously pissed off reader (I mean me, in case you were wondering). Your column is the first one I read when I get the notification of the newest SW online pub, and since I moved away from Seattle (sniff, sniff) in January, your column has been one of the things I look forward to most, if only because in reading it I'm reminded to check out the rest of the stories to keep me up to date with goings-on in the Emerald City. So you just tell the powers that be that Dategirl is an icon, and you must therefore n'er be squelched. K?


That's very sweet of you to say. Here's hoping I'm just being paranoid.

The Muser

Here's hoping with ya! Besides, a little bit o' paranoia never hurt anyone *grin*


You are an icon. They would be stupid to let you go, Judes. And beware, I will now and forever call you the Icon


As cell phones become thinner and thinner I think you'll find this behaviour becoming more and more common.
What are the odds that she'll dump him? Anyone?


even though i am a Bad Friend and missed your reading, that does not change the fact that i leap upon each week's dategirl like a cur upon steak. it is my most favorite weekly reading, even more so now that i no longer have a weekly dose of knipfel to scarf. i really hope the seattle weekly folks realize how lucky they are to have you. xoxo

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