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Mel Gibson: Another successful graduate of the Russell Crowe Anger Management School. Seriously, what is it with Australian actors?


Amazingly, it's alcoholics and evangelists who are the most likely people to inform you of how to live your life.
When is Mel running for president?
Could not happen to a nicer guy.

All's Well That Ends Mel

Around the early-1980s, some of the (now long-gone) grindhouses in Brooklyn were showing an awesome little action movie called "Mad Max." Wow, despite the bad dubbing (yeah, they dubbed an *Australian* flick--WTF? Go figure), the movie kicked major ass. Then, a few years later, "The Road Warrior" was released. Even more awesomeness!

And then Mel went to Hollywood. And everything went downhill after that.

Since Hollywood is run by The Jews, they only have themselves to blame for bringing Mel there.

[So Sugar Tits--uh, Judy: when the video footage of Mel drunk at the stationhouse turns up, you MUST forward me the URL!]


I actually set my watch to Mel's remorseful declaration that he's had a "lifelong struggle" with the demon alcohol. Uh-huh.

Linda Hunt

from The Year Of Living Dangerously to
the year of living like a complete racist asshole pig.


The last time I saw you, everyone called you Honey-Jugs. I like Sugar-Tits better.

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