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Thank god somebody said it!


Thimerosol in immunizations might leave you with a kid whose only achievement is reaching the 9th level of the newest video game.
Every pregnant woman assumes that their kid will not be brain-injured and will be polite and progressive. When, in fact, there is a very good possibility it will have autism, Down Syndrome or be born with the asshole or fundamentalist gene. Or both. Sterilize me now, Jesus.


not to mention the strain having and raising kids puts on a relationship. forget about regular sex (not to mention irregular), romantic dates, going to shows, all night conversations, staying in bed all day on weekends, so many of the things that are so much fun with your partner. i mean, you're in your thirties, you finally meet each other, fall in love, and then you have to wait another 15 years or so til you get to hang out again. a wee tradeoff.


Oh Judy! You will feel so differently when you finally become a mommy!

Molly Crabapple

But don't you want a baby? A beautiful itty-witty baby? I hear they're the new teacup chihuahua

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