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those nathan's fries suck. i recommend you eating two hot dogs and no fries!! and some ice cream!! and walk the boardwalk and go on the cyclone!! yay!


"What would you consider an appropriate mom-is-dead promotional item?"

All A's on my report card.

When my stepdad kicked the bucket, his side of the family didn't even tell mom or me that he was dead until well after he'd been cremated and the ashes scattered. That sucked.

Have fun at Coney--don't forget to shoot the freak!

Fry Defender Ivan

Whoa-whoa-WHOA there Rose!

What ARE you talking about? Nathan's fries do NOT suck!
(What word will I capitalize in this line?)


I have to agree with Ivan on those fries. They're greasy deliciousness! Worth every point!


those fries suck, really. they are fresh frozen, barely cooked awfulness. i stand by it.


The laminated book mark also touted the funeral home, with contact info listed right under my mom's burial date. That plus the "Safely Home" prayer on the front makes it all fairly uncomfortable. I can see using it on the beach with my trashy summer reading, and with the contact info right on there, it's handy too -- if I drown or die of sunstroke my loved ones needn't look far for advice on where to dump my body.


And Nathan's fries rock.


I've been thinking about this and I think a refrigerator magnet might've been a nicer memorial. It could've been angel-shaped. . . I think that would've been nice. Or a key chain! That way you're always reminded to drive safely. And then, hey, if you don't—we know where to ship the body!


I think you need to stop and honestly ask yourself if you are truly a bookmark person. I'm not. I prefer to fold over the corner of the page. I think bookmarks are annoying and they just add to the endless piles of paper that I have to recycle.

Maybe a more appropriate gesture would have been the full run of Six Feet Under on dvd.

The hardcore Catholics in my family look like I've punched them in the stomach when I reveal that I want to be cremated without being embalmed.
The funeral industry creeps me out. But how do we avoid it - unless we live in Marin County where it's easy to have a "green" burial?

Oh - and Judy - don't hold back with the dogs + fries. I haven't had them in 20 years but why deprive yourself?


when my grandmom died this spring, the funeral home had a tree planted for her. i thought that was kind of rad.

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