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the thing about the burgers and cupcakes restaurant is that i love them both but eating them both at the same sitting just seems wrong. i don't mind going to fanelli's for a burger and then walking over to rivington for a cupcake but it's just wrong to have them in the same place.
you know what bugs me about the food network? giada and her pointy collarbone and that irritating sarah lee woman and her cheekbones. really you need a wee bit of meat on your bones to be on the food network, please.
but congrats on the weight loss, judes.


Of course we will send pictures and honestly, I totally admire what you're doing. Losing weight is so freaking hard. I get all inspired to go to the gym and then just become lazy about it. My trick lately has been trying to find fruits and veggies and healthy stuff that I actually enjoy, so I want to eat them and it doesn't feel like "dieting." Some days I do well, some days, not so much. But Judy, 7.5 is awesome. I think just starting out and dedicating yourself to it and not giving up, as with writing or anything else, is to be commended.


They say that nothing tastes as good as thin feels, and I have to report that's a lie. Cupcakes and cheeseburgers (Fanelli's!) taste better than fitting into skinny clothes. At least for a moment anyway. Thanks for your support, ladies.


and i thought le bernardin was the most perfect restaurant in the world. what a fool i am. i guess now i have to accept the most perfect family in the world has a skateboarder daddy and a bassist mommy all perched at some bar in brooklyn.

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