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um, you are not VERY SHY!!!!!!


I am too! I'm shy on the INSIDE! Duh!


you are shy like i am shy.

val frankel

Hey! I think I went to that concert with you!

DJ El Toro

I concur that meeting your idols is a slippery slope. And I'm glad my meeting with Rollins was a lot chummier than yours. That said, my Worst Interview Ever, with Frank Black of the Pixies, involved him doing more or less the same thing: Wearing mirrored sunglasses indoors throughout our talk.


Ben Folds Fuckers—I mean Five—were actually worse than Rollins, because they came right out and made fun of me. All because I wasn't well-versed in Carole King's ouevre. Jackasses. I kind of felt like I deserved their disrespect though, because I hated their music and only wrote the story as a favor for a friend. Joe Strummer, Shane MacGowan, and Warren Defever were my fave interviews. They were all delightful and fun.


i think it's always a good policy to not meet those that you idolize. suddenly they become real humans with real lives and any worship that you may have had in the past starts to feel embarrasing.

from now on only interview people you hate.

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