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you have done that to me, you FREAK!


done that to me, too. judy, i actually think you have lost it. get a grip. take sip of the dark mistress and lean back


Isn't the first step admitting you have a problem? At least you guys don't live with me--I don't even try to hide my fury from the Big Guy!!!


why don't you hide your precious new mags, that way you won't have to hide your fury or freakyness.

excellent photo, by the way. does the front of your fridge still have the ocd photo line up? i don't remember....


I am not weird and my fridge isn't OCD!!!! But no, all the photos fell off. I need a new adhesive that doesn't melt in the heat.


Hee hee! Not weird in the least, sugarplum!

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