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Impressed Ivan

Three posts in one day! With potentially more posts--since you've got till midnight--to come! Wow...
Is it the diet? Or have you scored some "diet" pills? And if you have, will you share?


Ivan, never underestimate the power of procrastination. Sure, I could be cleaning my filthy house in preparation for my houseguest on Friday. Or maybe I could be writing my column, or even the feature I have due on Monday. But that would be folly. Not when I can waste my time getting all worked up over rent-stabilization laws and whoever James Woods is fucking this week.


If it weren't for rent control, I'd be living in a toaster box floating down the East River.


You and me both, three-toed sloth!

Heater House Guest

Rent in Boston is absurd, you should see what I'm living in for 1100 a month (ok, it's Beacon Hill...and yes, I wonder how I was allowed to live there too!! Ha ha!).

Don't clean Judy, just feeeeeed me rocknroll!


Boston seems to be so progresive.
Free market for free people
NYC is like living under communist again. RS and RC is wrong and immoral.


I don't remember the last time NYC was run by the commies. Am I missing a page in my history book? I think kicking elderly people out on the street is way more immoral than landlords being asked to abide by the law. But that's just me.


RS and RC laws reminds me unfairness of comunist system (I had misfortune o live in commnist/socialist country)
There are people who have a deal and somehow can pay fraction of the price and poople who dont have a deal. It is unfair. free market is much mor fair,
You right it would be very hard for old people to pay a market rate now(The system did a lot of damage by now) I would sugest that tenants who live in RS and RC should stay in and pay thay disunted price rent, but all appartments that will be vacant will go free market, this way in 20 years we all have equal chance to find appartment.
Is that fair?


I cannot imagine what there is in NYC that merits people to pay those sums. Truthfully, what do you do on Saturday night in NYC that you couldn't do living in this $400k dump?


P., it's amazing to actually see someone from NY who understands Economics 101 and realizes that rent controls cause more harm than good. Price controls in general cause a supply shortage, and rent stabilization laws wreak havoc on the market.

Cut and paste the following web address for a great article on why rent control doesn't work. And in case you don't trust it because it's a right-wing source, google "rent control economics 101" and the first hit you get is at the following web address: It's by NY Times leftie Paul Krugman bashing rent control too.


Yeah, you know, you're right. Developers and landlords should be completely unregulated. That'd be better for everyone. (Especially rich landlowners.) Rent stabilization is going to be gone within ten or so years anyway, so quit yer bitching. More apartments were destabilized in the last year than in the past five or so combined! Thank you, Mayor Bloomberg.



Judes, what don't you understand about rent stabilization screwing EVERYBODY, not just the rich? Why does everything come down to class warfare with people in NY? Have you ever even tried to read an anti-rent control article or study, just to at least entertain the opposing argument?


Rent stabilization is not screwing everyone. To destabilize would completely change the face of NYC, and tens of thousands of people would be homeless. Rent stabilization arguments ARE class based, because only one group would suffer, and the group that would benefit most are the extremely rich real estate developers. It's like how every argument against it features some fantastically wealthy person living in a $300 apartment (which, P.S., is now illegal anyway). Most rent stabilized apartments are in outer boroughs and inhabited by middle-class or poor people. To believe that landlords would behave responsibly if the rent laws were suddenly dismantled is terribly naive.



NY Sun just did a whole profile about a bunch of people who own houses outside the 5 boroughs who maintain residences in NY through rent stabilization. And you are so stuck on class warfare. So the pieces I linked to by Sowell and Krugman (a riduclously Progressive man) are based on class warfare. I suspect you aren't even seriously entertaining any of the contrary arguments, just sticking to your guns out of stubbornness.

Without rent stabilization, there'd be more housing available across the economic spectrum.


T. You are wrong. And as for the NY Sun story--since when are they a viable news source? I could easily do a story on a bunch of interesting, wonderful people who do charitable work and who wouldn't be able to live in NYC without rent stabilization. (These people don't have homes elsewhere either.) If the people I'm talking about left the city, it would be a much poorer place, and I'm not talking financially. Most of us don't have a lot of money. I think you're wrong, you think I'm wrong. I'm okay with that. I'll see you Thursday at Cooper Union!


Why is NY Sun not a viable news source? Found the article by the way:

This article from 2002 discusses it pretty well too with examples of how it hurts the poor.

Anyway, even though I disagree with you on this, your blog is very nice overall. ;)


Two ways of viewing economics, work, and employment:

1. Jobs give people an outlet for their skills, passions and in return they receive money to live on. Work makes society possible.

2. Jobs are so rich people can expoit the poor, then fire them so they can exploit the chinese poor. Screw society, that's socialism.

The highest standards of living are in highly taxed, highly rent controlled areas such as Sweden, Denmark, Germany. They are NOT, as economists and people who don't read would lead you to believe, in Hong Kong, where there are no laws governing rent and very few taxes. Move to Columbia if you don't like taxes, or Mexico, or Panama, or Fort Worth, for cryin' out loud. Then spend all the money you save on taxes on burgler alarms and trips to NYC. Stop trying to exploit people because your folks left you fat cash.


don't you hate the responsibility you feel when you get random emails from people that aren't really in your life anymore?

that pull you feel to respond can be irritating.
kind of like my 300 pound cousin who sends me tube socks for Christmas every year.

anyway - posting here seems like less of an annoyance.

your blog is endlessly entertaining. i can't stop reading...

So before I go back to work I felt the need to share my last rental experience in Venice, CA.
My landlord, who I later discovered was a raging alcoholic and a drug dealer and an asshole, lived in a "converted" garage behind the house I was renting.
One day after living there for several months, I went back to his space to ask him something or possibly to deliver a check.
When he opened the door, I discovered that he was living on an old stained mattress on the floor
surrounded by sheets of plastic that had been stapled to the 2x4's that were holding up the roof.
There was no dry-wall or anything else to speak of - except for the mattress. And the sheets of plastic.I was convinced there were bodies in the back room. But I never ventured further because September 11th happened, he sold the house and took off for bumblefuck Minnesota. With $2400.00 of my money. Bastard.
All landlords suck, it seems.

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