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If two people called, imagine how many are thinking it, but haven't bothered (either out of kindness or apathy).

I point to the fact that your previous post remains sans reader comment.


more than one reader will also get riled about "irregardless," judes. silence is a cruel lady, or dark mistress.
is your L word obsession as strong as your Blowout obession? Jonathan is just as worthy if not more than that silly Showtime train wreck of lesbians.


Having the word "irregardless" in my blog is probably bothering me more than anyone else. It's gnawing at me like a pebble in my underpants. But it just shows how far I'll go to be annoying. I love Blowout probably more than The L Word. I live for the day a hairstylist writes in with a question. I can pull out "WWJAD." (What Would Jonathan Antin Do? Answer: Sob!)

Busting-Chops-Because-He-Loves Ivan

Me! It was me that was one of the two friends who said you were obsessed with this show! And I'm not sorry at all about saying it! And my not having seen the show doesn't mean I can't see an obsessed--perhaps *addicted*?--person in action!
Remember this, Judeski: if you were drooling as much over, say, Star Trek or The Shield or [fill in the blank], I would still bust your chops. Because my heart is full of love...the heart that I keep in a jar on my desk...


woweee, thanks!! what a treat. i don't think that you deliver too much L Word. keep on keepin' on, my friend. as for "irregardless," jon likes to say that word just to piss me off, but it doesn't really. i simply don't tell him which grammar items do push my buttons, or he'd have no end of fun.

i am thrilled with all the mabel. more mabel, more!


Judy - I think this might be an obsession, albiet a healthy one. It reminds me a little of my mother's current obsession with all things gay. Although her's might not be so healthy.
She has a gay trainer named Dave who seems to have become her 5th child. They go out to dinner together, do puzzles together (at her house), walk dogs together, and of course - train 3 times a week - at her house. She also suddenly loves Ellen Degeneres. And last but not least, she has Rufus Wainwright cds in heavy rotation in her car at all times. And I'm the first to admit Rufus is a gifted singer/songwriter (I've been known to turn him up a few notches on the volume dial while stuck in hideous LA freeway traffic if gets played on the radio) but my mother is almost 70 years old and has lived a seemingly hetero suburban life. Could she be turning into a fag-hag?
My sister and I feel that this behavior deserves Larry David-style eyebrow raises.


and yes - i know i spelled albeit incorrectly.
grammar police move on.

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