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keelin and whippell is so 22nd century s&m.

Cap'n Jon

completely agree about the new trend of luxery condos. In downtown jersey city right now - they are currently building OVER 2000 luxery condos! 2000!?!? How many people - like you said - can afford to spend at least $500K on a shoebox? i hate them all! ps - i think i spell luxery wrong...


I hate to say it, Orchid Boy, but that's why they call it "rent". It always astounds me how people who rent seem to do all these improvements and set up an established household as if they owned the dump. Jeebus. Get thee to affordable housing my friend. For 500k where I live he could own a 5 bedroom mansion on a cool blvd and grow orchids by the acre and still have enough cash to fly to NY every time he needed his winkie rubbed or whatever people do in NYC that is worth 500k. I don't get it.
If there are all kinds of yuppie aholes all over NYC then why do you still live there? Madison Wisconsin, Iowa City, Boulder...hello?


I live here because I'm still stoopid enough to consider NYC the center of the universe. That, and because rent-stabilization laws make it possible. My rent here is less than anything I could find anywhere else, including the cities you listed. Owning my own place is a different story--even if I had the money, I wouldn't buy a place in NY. It's nuts!

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