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Excellent post. Born and raised in NJ --when Elizabeth was Jewish clean and drug-free. Good times.


That is just.... disgusting. He looks (and is) old enough to be her father.


If she's 26 then so am I. Chappy looks like a ton of fun.

Prep School Apocalypse Ivan

I'm truly surprised that Melissa doesn't refer to herself as Missy...So *I* will!
I looooooooved the alcoholic/prozacial gaze in Missy's mom's eyes...That's the future for you, l'il Missy: heh-heh-heh...
Don't you worry, girlie, Chappy won't dump you for a new model fucktoy in 15 or 20 years. Nope, it's true love all the way...


I wonder if Chappy is his real name. Does it refer to Melissa's state of things rather than to him?
I know/knew girls like this and they do just stay girls. This type of gal influenced me enough to wear my own blue whale belt a few times back in the 80s.

Judy McGuire

You're a miserable cunt.


Hey! A friend of Missy's (Chappy, perhaps?) just called me a miserable c-word! AND stole my name! I'm going to call Daddy! Harumph!

Heater Beater

Oh Shit! Bitch Fight!
She probably doesn't know as many words as you do, Judes, so she needs to go for the obvious. Poor thing.


i don't think one gets the full effect without viewing this:

don't miss mel and her mama.

and wow, "miserable c-word" is so creative!


I wrote a blog post about that chick too! At first I was almost positive that the whole thing was a joke. After all, there couldn't REALLY be people like that in real life, could there? But it's all true! It would be hilarious if it weren't so disturbing.

The way I see it, I may live in a rent-controlled apartment until I die, eating beans off of paper plates and then washing the paper plates to use them again, and wearing a barrel held up with suspenders to work every day, but at least I'll never have to share a bed with a creepy old man in a polo shirt.


Nor will you ever shellac your hair into a bonnet of steel. I always wondered where people from my high school disappeared to after graduation. Now I know. Though on second thought, who am I kidding? No way she went to public school!

Reading her blog is so fascinating. An anthropoligical excursion into a world I'll never know. Imagine, those scurrilous newspapers claiming her ring to be two carats, when it's actually FIVE!!!


Chappy? Chappy!!???

a new day

okay. i happened upon your blog today by chance due to the fact that i was just writing about how i hated high school. anyway, i clicked on the link for twitt's socialite blog. you are absolutely right. it's a bad train wreck. it's like watching those damn plastic surgeons hack away when all you want to do is look away. oh boy! what world does that woman live in?? and who takes pictures of meals they made!? i'd be taking pics of my mac n cheese box....


How nice that you act like you're still in middle school by writing this post.

I've gone and read her blog from start to finish and kind of dig her. She's able to poke fun at herself and has a positive, happy vibe.

If anyone is a train wreck in this situation it most certainly would be you.

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