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"Rachel" needs to show her boobies because that greyish lipstick isn't getting me hot.


Rachel is not an unattractive gal, but could she be more bored? Actually, she could, if she were watching herself try to be sexy.


i liked the weird fake dancing at the end, though. now that's hot. just was hoping for a little white girl lip bite action.

Molly Crabapple

What is that strange shaking dance she does at the end? Epilepsy? Delirium tremens? This reminds me why my least favorite gogo gigs ever were in hipster bars.


was this at spoonbill? that store is full of the book equivalent of candy (or crack, depending on your preference for metaphors), but those people have always been really rude to me. yes, you are hipper and cooler than i am. eat me!


It was Spoonbill. I don't really mind a cranky clerk—I'd be a bitch too if I had to deal with the public all day. Especially THAT public.

And yeah, I'm not really sure what Rachel is going for at the end. It looked like a seizure.

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