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OMG this was funny as hell. I hope you're OK with this, but I must have the word "gunt" -- mine mine all mine. Have a wonderful weekend. I am off work 'til Tuesday.


That maybe very well be the most inconvenient underwear problem I've ever heard. My trouble is more along the lines of dresses with cheap, friction-filled material that bunches up between my legs, riding up higher and higher as I walk down the street until I look down and surprise! there's my crotch.

DJ El Toro

Post-lottery win, you should pull a Jerry Lewis - did you know he never wears a pair of socks twice? Throws 'em away. You could do the same with nice, high-end panties. (Or create a fake on-line personality as a winsome Japanese lass and auction them off.)

Dear God, I'm actually writing to a beautiful woman about her panties. Has the whole world gone mad?

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