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"Obviously, mostly water."

What have you done with Judes????


Judes has been taken to a scary place and is calling diet coke her "dark mistress."


oh dear. a scary place indeed!


i feel you pain. i have imbibed so much diet coke in my life, i shudder to imagine what my bones (let alone my teeth!) will look like when i'm older. in high school and college it was 6-8 cans a day. for some reason, since i've been dating my boyfriend, i've done much better w/cutting down. now it's only 1-2 a week. still, with every bittersweet sip i remember my dr's voice telling me about artificial sweeteners, and the horrible things carbonation does to your bones. delicious!

Anne Nodar

This post made me run to our company vending machine and buy a Diet Coke. It was as good as you described.

Wait-carbonation destroys bones? Even if it's in club soda?


I don't know if carbonation destroys bones, but the acids are really bad for your teeth. I mean, you can use it as paint remover! I think if you imbibe in moderation (which I was NOT doing) and brush regularly, you'll be fine.


If you MUST drink soda, drink Diet Rite with Splenda which is free from Nutra-Sweet. FYI: Donald Rumsfeld was the CEO of Searle when they railroaded Nutra-Sweet though the FDA back before humans resembled weebles. It was never tested on anything that didn't grow a bigass tumor. The shit's poison. Regular Coke contains HFCS (High Fructose Corn Syrup) and, as we all know, corn does not contain enough sugar to make soda sweet. They have to put it through a chemical process that makes building a nuclear (new-cue-lurr for my republican friends) warhead seem simple. Buy some Vivarin and drink tap water for God's sake.

Can you spot the year Nutra-Sweet was introduced into our food supply by simply looking at this chart?

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