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not only does our block smell of cabbage but so does my fancy pottery barn couch. infused within the goose down is cabbage. and now, due to cabbage factory, i have seen three huge black faster than flojo cockroaches in my apartment. you?
as for the demolition down the street, the workers like ladies in skirts. it's always nice to get harrassed by gold toothed (teethed) men, right?


mmmm, construction workers.....

'how 'bout you and me get together after a hard day of work and i paint you?', he said, teasing me with a can of spray paint. add to that the charming boston accent - how's a girl to say no??? keep on with the romance, boys.


hey, and why does the guy have to be from iowa? why can't he be from colorado or some other truly dumbass place?


Okay, let's make him from Kansas City. Heh. Anywhere, just not Jersey because that's been done.

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