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i'm so glad that it was, well, tolerable. NYU dental sounds like something from the inquisition. I had been thinking about going there (no dental insurance, haven't had any for years, so haven't been to a dentist for years), but you have definately changed my mind. Bloody bits of human mouth tissue stuck to stuff!


I think NYU Dental is okay if you're broke, have a lot of time on your hands (every single visit takes at least two hours, no matter what) and don't have serious problems. I have really big problems (obviously). If I were you, I'd ask around, go to someone that your friends recommend and talk to the dentist's staff about doing everything slooooowly. At least go get x-rays and find out what you're looking at. Don't let it go.


the people, your readers, need to know how you are now.

An endodontic resident

Sorry to hear about your trials and tribulations...I'm an endodontic resident at NYU; I don't think I saw you though. I'll be honest with you: NYU is very suspect. They are getting millions of dollars from dental implant companies to force implant treatment on patients. It really is quite sad, but as goes healthcare in a capitalist society. It's a major conflict of interest and very disappointing. I feel sorry for the patients sometimes.

Anyhow, I wanted to give you some dental advice: do you ever get peculiar tastes in your mouth? If so, the dental erosions could be due to acid reflux. You may want to run it by your new dental provider or even your physician, if you have any other signs or symptoms--belly ache/heart burn, especially after acidic meals (tomato sauce, orange juice, etc.)


That is completely horrifying to hear. But not unexpected. It was pretty much told to me that if I didn't follow their protocol, I was SOL. I didn't, and I'm happy for it. Thanks for writing. And no, I don't have acid reflux. Just really crappy genetics, combined with an abnormal love of Diet Coke. (I've since quit.)

Spyro Poulos

That was very ballsy! People need more medical professionals like the person from NYU that posted that reply!! Kudos to your ethics and your honesty! You are awesome!

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