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I want to just back you up on the loveliness of that darn Mabes. That crazy kitty knew how to fetch when she was just a wee child!! She's a lovely cat and a genius. Hope she pulls through.

cap'n jon

i've never met your kitty but she sounds like a great friend. we'll pray for her!


Thanks, you guys! I appreciate it.


oh sweet mabel! she's such a sassy little girl. i hope she's on the mend real soon.


oh no! i'm so sorry. this is terrible news. i hope mabel is hanging tough and will be home soon, good as new. i'm sorry about the awful vet bill, too. though is there anything other than an awful vet bill?

big xoxo


Sorry to hear, I know how important pets are. At some point, they're kids. Hang in there.

DJ El Toro

Mabel is a fine companion indeed, and your Emerald City posse is rooting for her and praying her health rallies, pronto!


I'm so sorry to hear the news. Rose is right, Mabel IS a genius. Good luck with everything. In the meantime, I'm sending healthy kitty vibes your way.

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