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at least when the first one is done you know you have two more. it's like when you get one of those packs of oreo cookies and you eat one but you know you have like three more, so it's all cool.

Been There

Sometimes the graft pieces fall thought the spaces between the stitches in your gums and then you have a crunchy surprise. It's horrible, but they do work. Buck up cowgirl, it's better than what the ghouls at NYU suggested.


"A crunchy surprise!!!!!" Nooooo!!!!!!!

But yes, it's important to remember at all times that at least I am not getting all my teeth pulled, nor do I have AIDS or leukemia.

Oh, and I have THREE—not two—more after this!


Hi, I wanted to congratulate you on your upcoming wedding (had NO idea)and you will feel so much better when the tooth ordeal is over. Over 13 years ago I had osseous surgery and came out with a nice new shiny mouth.


Hi, just found your blog thanks to a search. I'm counting down the hours before I get my bone graft - a little over 4 hours to go - EEK! I don't get cow bone, they're using my own bone, so have to rip a chunk of bone out of a different part of my mouth. My progress will be up at if you're interested...

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