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Hmmm - I think you are omitting a crucial detail from this reminiscence. Didn't you also scream at NWK to "GIVE MOMMMY HER CHANGE" at the bar??

Or is that a fantasy embellishment I added much later??


oh, no, julie, you are right. but she said it like "GIVE MAMI (with Noyorican accent) HER CHANGE."
i clearly remember NWK's moldy black jacket replete with band pins and his sexy pleather plants. i am not sure how you let that one go, judes. but let him go in style, you did.
but why beat the victim?
happy anniversary!!

Tattletale Heather

That was a spectacular scene. You scared the shit out of many a drunk loser that evening, not just yours.
And I love that dress!


OMG you are so damn funny. I have never met you, but am a newbie to blogging. Am going tonite to see you and the others read. Also, congrats on your book deal - Maria

P.S. That one sounds like all of the Fungi that have shared my life. Ugh.

Cap'n Jon

and THAT is why we love Judy!


Wait, Fair Maiden—I don't have a book deal yet! Just wanted to clarify. The thing still has to be sold.


you never cease to amaze me with your feats of ueber-radness. just when i think i know how cool you are, a story like this comes out. you are the height of fabulousness (and i am the height of tiredness, since i nearly just spelled "height" as "hight").


Hmmm -- something I missed on the first reading of this excellent post: "straw hat"!!??? WTF?

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