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Judy, I don't know whether to thank you or...something else. I just looked at that wedding bee site you linked to. fuck. I guess I knew such things were out there, but until this morning I'd never experienced the full horror. but, in any case, felicitations on your upcoming knot-tying, and good luck with all that planning.


But! But! What if the DJ is prettier than the bride?! And it's the bride's most special day in the world to be a princess and the female DJ is going to ruin it! Daddy! Make her leave! She's stealing focus from me on my special daaaaaaaaay!

DJ El Toro

This is why I charge the hefty fees I do to DJ weddings. Not because playing more-or-less the same 200 songs every time is a particular challenge (although there is some skill required to do it well), but because you have to deal with psycho brides (and psycho mother-of-the-brides - the latter can make receptions HELL on earth, trust me).


Weddings scare me so much, it makes me not want to get married.


nota bene: carmen is a dj.


Ah, yes, Carmen is a DJ. How could I have forgotten? And look what happened at HER wedding!

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