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Cynical Cylon Ivan

Just be careful, Judester...No good deed goes unpunished...


you are a one woman fireball for the north williamsburg/greenpoint area crew!!! not only were their peeps living in there but they had parties all the time and created a ruckus. the "luxury condos" also say they have "parkviews" or something like that. they mean the little square right there of park!! or they mean mccarren park? it's crazy.
not to mention it's a deep dark corner where many a mugging has occurred lately since the streetlights don't work and haven't in a long time. even the butchiest of crazy peeps is afraid to walk around there.


I am Norma Rae!!!!! I'll watch my back!


Judes, you nosey Parker! You go on with your activist self!

But if you show up wearing a bandana headscarf and shouting into a bullhorn, there will be an intervention.

And I totally know that building - I always thought it was a storage facility.


The upside, is the extra haircuts the barbershop will do, with all the
two-headed babies.
The little crap triangle park in front is actually Pvt. Frank Sonsire Square. hmmm.
It was a Socony Oil gas station til at least 1952. In June it will be 3 years without those 2 streetlights on. Unfuckingbelievable.
Makes ya get that nagging feeling that something bad'll happen fore long.


that's one old neighbor i don't miss. yeah, i know that bldg.

so glad to be out of williamsburg, though i miss the Good Old Days.


Did you ever hear from the DEP?


People jeopardizing the health of others to make a quick buck? No way.

Young Hong

hey thanks for the great info I been hearing lots of terrible stories as well as the documentary that "Vice" released about Williamsburg.

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