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Reading Rainbow Ivan

What guarantees a writer's success?
Puppy murder!
Especially cute puggles...Heh-heh-heh...


oh the self deprecation ain't working, judes. you have the pen of a genius, a hilarious scribe.
and if only there were a practical guide.
maybe one has to be a 17 year old future Harvard student who likes to cut and paste?


Seems like all a successful female writer needs is a really hot jacket photo. How else to explain the welter of crap at the bookstore?

It boggles the mind that that Harvard undergrad who plagiarized her first novel signed a two-book deal for something like $700,000 when she was still in high school, and Judes has to sweat getting published at all.

It's her birthright, damnit! Give the girl the money, already! Eesh.

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