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And for dinner - poached fish and steamed veggies. Yum!


Oh, barf. I'm having a meatball. Pecking like a bunny all day means I can have one okay meal a day. And boy, am I going to savor that. Just don't try and get between me and my meatball! It won't be pretty!

Bad Influence Ivan

Need something to help you diet?
Need something to help you finish writing that book?
Need something that'll make you grind your teeth away (therefore saving you that painful dental surgery)?
How about crystal meth?
Tina! It's not just for gayboys and trailer trash anymore!


I so sympathize. Although that yogurt I've had all day won't hold me much longer, I've actually thought about getting blow. I know, bad bad bad.


I've lost over 50 pounds in the last few months by (generally- I know I'm screwed when I go out) staying away from high fructose corn syrup and moving to an apartment with a 15 minute walk to the subway. Shit is in everything once you start looking for it. But by trading it in, I get to keep pasta, quality baked goods, and beer!


50 lbs by swearing off corn syrup is pretty sweet indeed! And you get to keep beer and baked goods? I'm going to have to look into that. Though at this point I don't think I'm eating anything with that in it anyway.

Another side effect of dieting: All you talk about is your boring-ass diet. In about two days nobody I know will be talking to me or reading this blog. I will stop. Soon.


OMG! Going on a diet is the new "having a baby."

Weird mashed foods, erratic behavior, poopy diapers, dimpled thighs. It's all of a piece!


Seriously, I have had temper tantrums in super markets when I discovered the whole wheat pitas AND hummus that I thought I was being so "good" snacking on had that shit in it.

And condiments and frozen food, forget it.


whole wheat pita and hummus had high fructose corn syrup?? Is no one safe? Damn.

Conspiracy Theory Ivan

Judy! Open your eyes! The Corn Conspiracy is in full effect! That's why soda is so cheap and why The Man is pushing for corn-based ethanol gas "substitutes"...
Still don't believe me? Look at the crop circles and you'll understand...

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