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i'm so sorry i missed you. jon and i had a meeting with your pal bill w., and afterward i had a stomach ache so bad i had trouble making it to the car!



Must tell you that I did trek there with my gf from Astoria, taking 4 subways. Argh. When we got there it was 25,000 degrees and I was standing in the hallway. I too, went specifically to meet you. Love this site. Glad it went well and hope to attend another reading soon. Have a great weekend. BTW, wound up getting plastered at Lolita's nearby and actually missed work. Cripes.


well all you suckers missed a brilliantly funny judes and a very warm room filled with treats and peeps.

Mea Culpa Ivan

I'm sorry I missed the wingding (but I've already showered you with my excuses...).

The important question, dear Dategirl, is: were there any boobies exposed?


I couldn't believe how packed it was. It did thin out after intermission, but there was this one guy who decided to stand about three feet away from me, staring and freaking me the fuck out.

Ivan, I don't have enough fingers and toes to count the number of nipples I saw last night. You really missed out, my friend. I'm sorry I didn't get to meet you, Miss Maria. Glad you had fun though!

Molly Crabapple

I know what you mean about the Oscar speech thing. I was all giddy when I got home from meeting you and sitting next to Lily all night. Thanks for graciously putting up with this very drunk and stuttering fangirl ;)


Holy Christ! That was me that thanked you by the bathroom! I'm so glad you were flattered. I went back to my seat to tell my friend I made an awkward attempt to compliment you by the frickin' bathroom! You should also thank the good people at Jack Daniels Distillery for giving me both a nerve to say it as well as reason to get in line for the john. You rock!

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