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I'm not a marksman, I'm a sniper Ivan

BB guns work just as good as real guns in some cases (like this one), just don't stick the barrel out the window. Just quietly open your window, crouch down low, aim...and open fire. (No cheering when you finally get one of the trustafarians, no matter how pleased you are to here them yelp.)
And save those used condoms--they make excellent water balloons for the losers making moronic threats below your window.
--a message from the Social Engineering Division of MARZ Inc.


i still don't know how come i don't hear these people across the street.
but the dudes i can hear loud and clear outside my apartment windows are the 40 year old washed up "artist" dude who took up skateboarding at the ripe old age of 39. now that's hot.


OMG for some reason trapped in self importance I think it's only me who suffers. The bitch with concrete blocks attached to her feet who lives upstairs and doesn't ever take her shoes off and walks across the parquet floors after I'm sure doing blow all night must be terminated. Phew! OK I feel much better. Obviously the lite jazz my son and I have to sleep with isn't helping. Sorry. Oh, TGIF.

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