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I always feel so much better about good writing when it comes from someone with a good set of tatas or a nice smile or scorching blue eyes not to mention a good ass. what's the problem?


When I read that you didn't qualify for being young or hot, I immediately identified. You know deep down that that is bull, dont you? Please say you do. I felt like I was hearing myself when I read your post this morning. Then I went to the Gawker link, read the comments and wanted to walk down the block to 4 Times. I work one block away. Grrrrr.


Sorry my photos weren't better. That's what happens when one has a little PHD camera and is sitting almost on top of the reader...the performer ends up looking like they're fellating the microphone.

I thought your reading was excellent! Who hasn't suffered through the litany of lays you catalogued? Except I've never had a Mr. Poopypants. Thank god.


Let's just hope you never experience the Poopypants. I also had a pisser, but once you've had a pooper, everything else pales in comparison.

I was having a low-self-esteem day when I saw the photos (and it wasn't just yours!). I'll get over it.


Better to have a poopypants than to be one.

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