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Step back, lady! Bill Paxton is the patron saint of the Everyman! He *deserves* to be waited on hand and foot by a trio of hotness!

And as for "Bruce Dern and Harry Dean Stanton playing characters we've seen them play a thousand times before"--well, why do you think I love them? Criminey! A show with Bill Paxton, Bruce Dern and Harry Dean Stanton? This is B-movie heaven! I'm praying for guest appearances by Yaphet Kotto, William Smith (, Ernest Borgnine, David Carradine and Mary Woronov!

You can, however, slam the Sopranos as much as you want. I have no vested interests there.


Re: Sopranos. Isn't AJ a little old for the sulky adolescent thing? And that haircut he has looks much better on me, FYI.

And was that bit of snoozy ER handholding by Meadow and Christopher a sly-yet-obvious foreshadowing of an upcoming plot development the world would be better without?

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