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Ohhhhh Judy! You will be singing a different tune when you finally become a mommy!


hmmm, i already do all of the above. i buy neil diamond albums with no irony, dress in stretch pants when i can and sometimes talk baby talk. well i don't talk baby talk or wear stretch pants. BUT WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WTIH NEIL?
remember that boy who bartended at that bar down the street who did a wicked neil diamond?
i just hate the hipster kids with the babies in their rock shirts on bedford.


Typical New York Mag cover story - they interview their friends and call it a trend.


keep the g-damn baby carriages out of bars and expensive restaurants. indeed keep them of the island of manhattan. i do miss the days when the city was inhabited only by blacks, puerto ricans, chinese, 80 year old jews and 18 year old punk rockers.

Solitary Man

as a musician,this article made me sick to my stomach.Indie is the new Raffi.
Music for such shallow,walking gap-commercials selfishly overpopulating their toilet earth with kids they dont know what to do with,because they never grew up.

I dont want my music to be the soundtrack for NYC's version of soccer moms.Indie (especially Punk)music will become the most safe,milktoast garbage in the world if momies and babies start become its audience.Coming up next-Punk Songs for Children (can I throw up now?)

Indie music used to be the music made by anti-social misfits for anti-social misfits.Not the overprivilaged uptown breeders with their nannies and fat wallets.And this is punk's offspring?Joey Ramone is spinning in his grave.

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