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do you really think dana's going to die?


Judy, you can dis the Academy Awards as much as you want: I still won the office Oscar Pool! Yeah, a whopping $60 I can now set on fire with which to light my cigars. Cohibas, natch.

Meanwhile--Okay, Judeski, you've convinced me: I will *never* watch the L Word. (Did you at least let the Big Greek finish watching his Hellraiser movie? My fave is Hellraiser 2, it's super-gross!)


I haven't seen the message boards, so I don't know any spoilers, but it doesn't look good for Dana. It looks like next week is a big mawkish deathfest. I could be wrong though.

Ivan, there are very few space aliens in the L Word and only one monster (Jenny), so you're right; I don't think it's up your alley. However, there are boobies. Lots and lots of boobies. Unfortunately, you have to sit through lots of talking to get there.


Well, Jon Stewart was a bit of a boobie on the Oscars.


Lady, you're too, too good to me. So great to hang out with you -- I'm looking forward to more of that.

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