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way too much jenny and some lame ass sex scene that verged on very creepy with alice and dana's ex, the chef, made it all seem even a bit worse than even too much jenny can make it.
and what is up with jenny's hair changing in every scene?


I can't even think about the Lara/Alice storyline. Hopefully that'll be forgotten by next season. Yuck. Lara is another simpering ninny, always with the concerned empathy face.

You're so right about Jenny's ever-changing 'dos. Perhaps she should give up writing about her wank habits and get a license to cut hair. She can assist Shane at the skateboard shop and then maybe some outraged client will jam the scissors into Jenny's throat as she yammers on about her tormented childhood for the eighty-billionth time.


There's no such thing as lebians--only women who go to incredible lengths not to sleep with men.

Thank you! Thank you! I'm here all week at the Chuckle Hut! Don't forget: tipping is not a city in China!

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