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the least amount of fun i've ever had was at two separate bachelorette parties. the first was at some biker bar in hell's kitchen. i forget the name of it, but it's the place where women throw their bras and the bar hangs them up on the wall. anyway, i was there for my not-so-close friend, and the only other guests were her sister, best friend, cousin, and mother, ALL of whom danced on the bar and would have given their bras if they were wearing them (not including mom, thank god). we were so awkwardly out of place and i felt really embarrassed the whole time. and our favors were these retarded plastic miniature cowboy boots that had bubble-blowing wands & soap in them.

then, my best friend's bachelorette party was an absolute disaster, starting with the veto of me being the planner. we ended up at the fanciest restaurant in new york city, where the only guests were me, the bride and the clearly insane maid of honor, because no one else could afford to attend (and, honestly, neither could we). we finished off the night at a total b-list burlesque show.

sorry for posting such a long comment, but this triggered a ptsd moment for me...


Jeez, I don't know what your problem is—both those events sound F-U-N!!!!!


i know. i realized after i posted that i didnt quite convey the general, overall pathetic and absurd nature of the bachelorette party. they're just always kind of awkward and deperate...

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