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You're having a bad day, too? Awesome! I won't go into my litany of horrible, but man-oh-Manischevitz, do I wish some space plague would show up and wipe out homo sapiens. Let the fish and monkeys and bugs have this planet...

I saw you last night getting off the train! I had no idea you were preparing for a night on the town: I would've yelled, "Pray for the Space Plague!"


You should have a fundraiser to raise the money for your teeth. I bet you could raise a substantial amount that way. Either that or use your wedding money.


It's not like there's a wedding fund. We're just kind of going to do it cheap and on the fly. Besides, we're talking $40,000.00. Gulp. I'd need to make new friends in waaaay higher tax brackets if I expect to make that at a fundraiser! My friend Dan suggested I sell my eggs. I had to explain that my eggs are dried-up little raisins at this point, otherwise I'd be having them scooped out right now! And I doubt anyone's going to want this girl's kidney.


Man, you need to unsubscribe to whatever it is that you're reading. Just becuase there is a shit sandwich in your lunch box doesn't mean you have to savor it.
I guess in a city of 25 million you're going to have the random affair between 4 year olds and daycare workers, but it's not the norm..keep that in mind. Reading that stuff will rot your mind. Isn't there some way to put it onto your blog so that I can read it and you don't have to?

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