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one time a friend of mine wanted to save money and walk to work instead of taking the subway. so she made her way down michigan avenue (chi-town) to her job in the loop, the whole time not realizing her skirt was neatly tucked into her undies and to top it off she was wearing hose!! Hose!!! that's the strangest part of it all to me. Hose!!


Took the L to Bedford this Friday night to go to a friend's loft party. Had to walk down from North 7th to South 5th on Bedford. Wanted to kill:

a) Myself
b) Every single overstyled asshole in the world, all of whom were RIGHT FUCKING THERE.


See, this is why I don't like to leave the house on the weekends. The next time I do, I'm going to try tucking my skirt into the ass of my tights and then watch to see if the youngsters pick it up as a trend the following weekend.

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