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Dana was my favorite character, and I can't believe she's dead! Goddamn it! I know it's my own stupid fault for following along before I've seen the episodes, but how am I going to watch this season on DVD knowing that they killed off the best, cutest one? The least annoying! The raddest! Yeah, Shane is great, but I hate Carmen. I loved Dana, and now she's dead!

Umm, I'm okay now. Really.


Um, have you seen Carmen naked? Doesn't matter though—rumour has it that Shane and Carmen are going splitsville soon. Though there's only two episodes left this season, so they'd best get on it already.

Alice is my favorite. I love her.


Does anyone know why Erin Daniels was let go? Did she want to leave? Did she have "issues" with the creators and other powers-that-be? I see she has a pilot waiting to be picked up about her as a single mom who turns to bounty hunting to make some money. But was her intent to do another show all along or did she find it after she knew she was being canned?
I am actually not that sad about the death. I thought her character was fairly weak. And I hated that they made her a professional tennis player. Even taking away her lack of tennis skills in those few shots we had of her playing, it was a completely unrealistic portrayal of the life of a professional tennis player. Hope we can all move on to perhaps better things.


yes, i have seen carmen naked. she's just not my type. what is my type? well, when katherine moennig starred on a summertime WB drama (called "young americans" or something) about six years back, i found a tiny jpg of her in the InterWeb and tiled it several dozen times across the screen of my ancient laptop. i'm not so into her current super-polished hipster look, though.


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