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Cap'n Jon

are Greek weddings also like seventeen hours long?

we got our wedding cheaper by blowing the priest...

yep, the church was free!


In a Greek church, you have to give up a slightly tighter hole than the mouth. . . I'll see if Spyro's ready to be a bendover boyfriend.

Cap'n Jon

ahaha, i forgot, in Catholic Church they like altar boys... but in Greece they like sheep!


Elvis Chapel. Vegas. Then fly to Amsterdam, stay in Damm Square and pocket the other $5k. It's not rocket science.


i cannot tell you how much this post cracked me up. i think you should start reading mommy blogs next, you never know. o btw, i don't think all 3 of my weddings added together equaled 10K, but maybe that's why they didn't stick so much.


There are no babies in my future. With any luck, my ovaries are dried up little raisins, incapable of giving life where none is wanted.

And yes, I've always heard that the more expensive the wedding, the more successful the marriage. Just look at Ron Perlman and Ellen Barkin! And Princess Di and Prince Charles!

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