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I would like to be compensated by Spring Street for the guy who rejected me because I mispronounced "beaux arts" on our date, and also for the guy who was 5'1" but said he was 5'7" - oh, and the the guy who wrote to say he liked my witty profile, but he found it unlikely that I understood my own jokes.

Actually, 15 credits is not sufficient.


Or the guy who informed me that HIV didn't cause AIDS, excessive drug use did, and then went on to explain that he used to take ecstasy four times a week, three or four tabs at a time. . . . I guess that was his roundabout way of telling me he wasn't interested. Or could be he was just nuts.


There was the guy who kissed like a snail. And all those mid-30's guys who wouldn't go out with me because I was 37. Oh, and the guy who made out with me a whole lot but, on balance, really wanted a girl who could play frisbee.


Or the guy who had the hots for his mom! Who confesses to THAT on a first (and ONLY) date?

I think we should become part of this suit. We could clean up. We'd have enough credits to hook everyone in the state of California up!


Um - didn't WE meet on Nerve?


Reading comprehension, Greeky! Didn't you see the part about my "cute nice boyfriend?"

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