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I actually think the Big Greek should take on some of my bills too, if the truth be known...

Jeez, ya live together and the Big Man is absolutely correct in helping and it all comes out even in the end anyway (I took a peek at the ending of The Book of Life, which is how I know all that)... you have a stand-up guy who my daughters just think is great and that's a damn good indicator... (for the record, they're enamored of the Judes too)

Now where exactly should I send that college tuition bill to?


I'm afraid you're going to have to perform sexual favors if you plan on getting any off the Big Greek. Lucky for you, you got a pretty little mouth on ya, so it shouldn't be a problem. I'll ask!


It surely hasn't been that long since I've last heard the words "ya'll got a perty mout, boy" shouted from behind a scoped rifle...

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