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Cap'n Jon

you know, at the risk of sounding like a racist, i'll throw it out here... this kind of thing happens all the time in the urban music community (notice i didn't say black/hip hop/ghetto community)... there is violent crime after violent crime, black on black violence.... and everyone has a posse or a herd of followers, but yet, no one ever sees a thing... never any witnesses even though 30 people were there... and of course, it's the cops fault for not catching the killer of Tupac, Biggie, etc... it's all crap.

you never see violence at country music events, or Yanni concerts...


Yeah, but it's not just rappers who pull that crap. What about the "Blue Wall of Silence" that protects corrupt cops. Or how frat brothers won't spill about hazing rituals—even if they end badly. Or drunken Vice Presidents who are walled off by Secret Service until he's capable of passing a breathalyzer. I would say more than being a black thing, at the risk of sounding all sexist, it seems to happen more within male-dominated subcultures.


one of my favorite dategirl-isms is "big girl's blouse." but-- and you know what i am, so you'll forgive me-- is it "big-girl's blouse," as in the blouse of a big girl, or "big girl's blouse," as in, a great big blouse of a girl?
please advise.


I would say a large blouse that a girl owns. Preferably very ruffly, yet still also quite flimsy. I'm thinking there's a yellowy/pinkish floral pattern involved. . . .

Cap'n Jon

well, i agree with you to a point. i mean, i hate frat boys, i hate the Veep, and I hate crooked cops.

but, they all don't go around perpetuating violence and saying things like "i'm just rappin about the truth" and "it's society/white man keeping me down" and not taking responsibility for their actions... i mean, even Asshole Che.. oops, i mean Dick(head) Cheney even "accepted responsibility" for shooting that dude. But Busta's life long buddy and paid bodyguard gets murdered in front of a bunch of people and Busta REFUSES to talk to police about it? Come on.

He's a giant, rich asshole.

Hey, i guess he IS just like dick cheney...

know what i mean?


I'm not even sure I've ever *heard* a Buster Rimes song. Is he LeAnne's adopted brother? Those adopted kids are always getting into trouble. They're bad seeds, you know? That's why their real parents left them in a little whicker basket on the steps of the orphanarium.


violent crime is not all black so you dont sound racist. go to Lansdown MD. mostly white area and extremly violent. busta an't no punk if you ever had a crazy bitch for a girl friend you would no that

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